Proctor Silex 75400 Under-The-Cabinet Can Opener

The Proctor Silex 75400  Under-The-Cabinet Can Opener is the best can opener option for kitchens with messy countertops. It does not eat up counter space because it can be easily mounted under the cabinet, and offers hands-free, automatic operation for you to have extra time preparing other things. This makes your food preparation much more efficient!

It can accommodate any size can, and comes with a bottle opener and a bag slitter. You will also have an easy time maintaining it because the cutting lever is removable and safe for the dishwasher, so you never need to worry about not getting some food bits completely removed from the cutting mechanism. It also comes with a cord storage feature and automatic shut-off for additional convenience and safety.

Product Specifications and Features:

This can opener comes with a bottle opener and a bag slitter;

It comes with a removable cutting lever which is also dishwasher safe for easy maintenance and cleaning;

It is easy to mount under the cabinet;

It comes with cord storage to keep the electrical cord tidy;

Its dimensions are roughly 6.9 x 4.8 x 6.8 inches and it weighs 2.9 pounds.

Proctor Silex 75400 Under-The-Cabinet Can Opener Review:

The customers who have reviewed this can opener gave it a rating of 3.2 stars. Those who were happy with it were satisfied because of its efficiency and ease of installation. Many of them indicated that it worked wonderfully. They also found it very well thought-out, with one reviewer commending the cord storage feature, since it gave a place for keeping the extra cord not necessary for reaching the electrical outlet. Another reviewer commented that the cutting lever was easy to remove even while the can opener was already mounted under the cabinet, making it very easy to clean. One customer called it a “small but powerful” can opener which also took up very little room. Another buyer even lamented that the white color no longer matched his new kitchen cabinets, because he had enjoyed using it at his old house.

The only problem brought up was one customer whose unit would not latch on properly to the can and had to be returned, with a couple more who had trouble getting it to work properly, too. Strangely one reviewer responded to the negative reviews by saying that he had had no problems like that, as the unit he had had been “dependable and strong, with no adverse symptoms or issues” that the other reviewers had pointed out. As such it may be safe to assume that the negative reviewers just happened to receive defective units, as some of them identified a problem with the motor.

Nearly all the reviewers were definitely willing to recommend this can opener for any busy kitchen, reporting how happy they were with their purchase. If you do buy this can opener, just be sure to test the unit you receive as soon as it arrives to make sure it is not defective, because you can still return it. In any case, you may not even have the same sad experience as the ones who wrote negative reviews did, as many reviewers reported a happy experience anyway.

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