Best Electric Can Opener Reviews 2016

A Brief Guide To Electric Can Opener


When it comes to kitchen appliances, it is not always about the cooking pots, knives, spoons etc. there is much to it than what you can imagine. Moreover, with the passing time, it seems like there is more to innovative additions to the kitchen appliance and tools list. One of the best in the offering is an electric can opener and you should look for it in case you haven’t used or invested in one before. Such an appliance offers immense convenience through the different tasks associated with a can opener. Moreover, the feasibility of using an electric kind is unmatched compared to the manual kind.

Reviews of the 3 Electric Can Opener

Electric can openers are simple and easy to use, and investing in them will be one of your fruitful decisions. To help you settle for the best electric can opener, here are three of the best products currently available in the market. Settling for either one of them can be a very good decision because it is bound to serve you to its full potential and make your life easier.

1/Oster Tall Electric Can Opener 3126, Black 

Oster Tall Electric Can Opener 3126

Oster is a one of the renowned brands offering the best electric can openers among the multiple very useful kitchen appliances. This electric can opener in particular comes with a handful of some fine features and the combination is very good. It includes built in sharpener, removable cutting blade, cord storage, easy clean up etc. All these features in general support the entire task of can opening in a very feasible manner, allowing the user to have a hassle free experience.


For all those who like to invest in any kitchen appliance because it offers convenience, then an electric can opener is definitely worth an investment. It has just about all the features to make your life easier and save up on a great deal of time.


While most of us make an investment thinking the product is to last for the longest time, well, this is one of the most favorable options. Coming from a very reliable brand house, it is bound to last a long innings provided you take good care of it.

Easy to Use

The entire mechanism associated with this particular electric can opener is very simple and effective too. Just by simple mode of operation, you will get the desired results in a matter of seconds. Given that it has a superior lever based mechanism, you get good results with simple operations.

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2/Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener CCO-50BKN, Black 

Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener CCO-50BKN

Cuisinart brings a deluxe electric can opener, which helps you open almost all-standard size of cans. Its power cut blade is easy to operate and your job is done within seconds. In fact, its efficiency is its unique selling point, allowing you to open the can with greater efficiency.

Strength and Durability

This product offers immense strength and durability, which is evident in its basic operational style. Using the power cut blade to complete your task, you are getting the desired outcome in the least amount of time and without investing much effort.

One-Touch Operation

When you have a product that is about great features and user-friendly operation, then it is definitely a worthy product to invest in. this can opener in particular comes with the one-touch operation, so all it expects out of you is to press a button and the can opener does the needful.

Easy Cleaning

Usually investing in products that requires cleaning can get you to thinking as to which product is the best of all and which one caters to easy cleaning. Good news is that this product is all about feasibility and convenience, not just in operation but in cleaning too.

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3/Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch 76606Z Can Opener, Black and Chrome 

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch 76606Z Can Opener
This fine electric car opener from Hamilton Beach lives up to its name and offers the smooth touch to the process of can opening. It is designed in a way that it immediately strikes as appealing to the buyer and besides this, the features that come along in this can opener, it makes it worth the buyer’s time and money to settle for this outstanding electric can opener.

Sleek Design

It is one of the few electric can openers that come with a distinct design; it has a combination of sleekness and great features. Its overall finish is very good and instantly appeals the buyer.

Easy to Use

Electric can openers are not at difficult to use and the good thing about this can opener in particular is that its operative methodology is very simple and you don’t even need a manual to follow through the instructions. Its lever system is very helpful, effective and most certainly, it helps you get through the task quickly and efficiently.

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Best 3 Brands of Electric Can Opener

Hamilton Beach


When you consider investing in an electric can opener, you are bound to come across a brand called Hamilton Beach. This brand has been catering to the masses for many years now. They cater to many things associated with the kitchen and this is what makes them one of the frontrunners in the market. They do not just cater in America, but have their services and products extended to customers across borders too.

They work on a simple philosophy of “Good Thinking”, and such an approach of theirs has made them a very popular brand amongst the homemakers. The ones who have used anything from under this branch, they love every bit of their experience, right from product quality, design, features to durability, everything is exceptional and superior.



Cuisinart is a very popular American appliance brand and most people trust this brand blindly. The fact that they have been in business for a while now, it is evident that the brand leaves no stone unturned in order to attract a greater chunk of buyers. The best thing about this name is that it is a recognized name, one that caters to different needs of buyers.

In addition to this, their offerings are always of the finest in nature, they have a wide ray of options. Anything you buy from them, it is bound to be of supreme quality and immense durability. Their prime mission to provide homemakers with the convenience of having a fun filled experience in their kitchens, and using their appliances you can achieve it.



Oster is one brand that most people trust, and the reasons for this are very simple. Oster is associated with great performance, durability and immense versatility. This is one of the oldest brands in the offering, and over the course of the years of their existence in the market, they incorporated different products to their list and as of today, they have one of the widest range of appliances.

They have not limited their sales to one country alone and have managed to go over the borders to cater to the buyers of different parts of the world. Over the years, consumer have invested their trust in this brand and as part their responsibility, Oster has lived up to its name and trust with the buyers and kept it intact.

Highlights of These Brands

Above-mentioned pointers clearly suggest that the mentioned brands are all renowned ones and you can blindly trust each of them. There are some common aspects in all these 3 brands that makes them one of the finest, and one that you can trust blindly. Here are some of the common highlights that you will experience while using all these brands.


It is common notion that experience generates ideas, creativity and helps you understand markets better. All these three brands have been through this phase where they started with limited offering and eventually with the passing time brought in the necessary changes. Based on where they stand today, their experience plays a vital role.

Consumer Oriented Approach

Another very important highlight of all these three brands is that they cater to customer or consumer oriented approach only. This is enough to suggest that their criteria is to cater to their consumers, as that is their top most priority. And, when a company works towards pleasing its consumer base, it works rather effectively and efficiently.

Wide Range

When you look at each of the brands individually, you will notice that it offers an extensive range of products to its buyers. Surely they would have started with limited offerings, but as of today, they have plenty appliances to offer to its buyers.


While they understand that, they have a reputation to maintain, all the three brands pay highest regard to the quality aspect. They ensure that the quality of every single product is extremely good and cautiously monitored before placing the product out for sales. Given that each of us strives to invest in the right product, hoping the outcome is just as great. The prime requirement is good quality, which of course is handledvery well by the different heads in these big banner names.

Systematic Approach

Of what has been noticed, all these three brands operate on separate principles, but if you notice they are all directed towards the good of the consumers. When the buyers are happy and satisfied with the product they receive, the brand definitely gains a brownie point in return. In addition to this, the systematic principles that they incorporate amidst their launches, distribution, manufacturing etc., it makes them a reliable and dependable brand. For every consumer, they must trust a brand in order to bring home anything that comes from underneath their branch.

Benefits of Electric Can Opener

When you work in a kitchen, it is not always one task to manage; you need to be able to do multiple things, if not together, one after the other but at a faster pace. Even if you keep everything ready, you have to do so relatively quicker in order to save time. In order to make things easier for you, markets are filled with helpful appliances and one of the most helpful options come in the form of an electric can opener. Read below in order to know the benefits of electric can opener.

Time Saver

One of the most important benefits of electric can openers is that it helps save up on a great deal of time. It gives you the opportunity to give more time to the other activities in the kitchen so that you can use the time elsewhere and get your dish ready. Using an electric can opener can save you some precious good minutes, which can be compensated elsewhere or you could simply save up on the time and be done with your kitchen chores earlier. Especially if you are running late to be somewhere like work and you need to complete your cooking in time, such appliances are a life savior.

Smooth Process

It is vital to mention that when you use an electric can opener, the entire process is very smooth. It helps you get rid of the can lids without any hassles. Getting it done manually can be a task and could be a bit messy sometimes depending on what is in the can. If you are operating on a can that is filled with liquids, you most certainly can save on the extra cleaning incase the liquids spills. In addition to this, the process is far quicker compared to manual operation and electric can openers do not consume as much electricity as well.

Low Risk of Injury

Another great thing about electric can openers is that it not just saves up on time but also saves you cutting yourself or facing any other kind of injury. What has been noticed is that when you use the other alternative to can opening, which is manual can openers, they can be a bit difficult to manage and sometimes cause injuries as well. Surely, the injuries in most cases are not that major, but when you have an alternative in the form of electric can openers that does a job without a single cut, then choosing it over any other option is a wise decision.

Buying Guide on Electric Can Opener

The introduction of an electric can opener has indeed made most of our lives easier and hassle free. Compared to the manual option of opening a can, opting for an electric can opener is so much better. It is a great innovation in the world of appliances and once you bring home the best in the offering, you would not have to worry about anything. For all those who intend to buy an electric can opener, here is a helpful guide in doing so.


When you look around for electric can openers, you must be aware that there is plenty in the offering. You will find them in multiple designs and each of them is so appealing that it could be a bit cumbersome to choose one of the lot. However, below mentioned are some useful points that help you pick the right design from the many existing options.


A very distinguishing feature comes in the form of size. Often when you can pick a size that caters to your requirements; it gets easier to pick one from the many. Some people who do not use big cans and have seldom usage of such openers, they go for the small or medium size. However, if you are to use can openers on regular basis and you are certain of using large cans, go in for the better built ones, which cater to all kinds of cans, small and large.

Warranty and Safety Labels

For the investment you make, certainly you would want to settle for the best product in the offering. If you settle for a warranty based product, there is a sense of assurance that incase if something goes wrong, you would be certain of getting the problem fixed in case under the warranty rather than having to pay an additional price. Also, a product that has specific information on the back of the product helps you decide better if you understand everything associated with it or not.


When you invest in a product, you should be certain that it has adjustability features. As stated above, not all cans come of the same size and dimensions. Therefore, if you bring home an electric can opener that has the adjustability feature, helping you adjust the height and other aspects, it offers immense feasibility to use it on any kind of can.


While you narrow down your search to the best electric can openers, you could use price as a factor to choose one option over the other. For most people, they work on a budget and in order to support your pockets well, you should settle for an electric can opener that comes within the designated budget bracket. If you use the price feature wisely, you will most certainly choose the right kind of electric can opener and be happy with the decision you have made.

Final Verdict

When we speak of electric can openers, all that comes to mind is convenience, time saver and feasibility. For all that you can gain from using electric can openers over manual openers; you should make sure you choose the right kind of product. Markets are filled with umpteen options, above-mentioned are some useful tips that will help you decide on the best of the kind. Moreover, some of the best electric can openers currently existing in the market are mentioned above, if you wouldn’t know where to start, choose any of these 3 products, and you wouldn’t be disappointed.